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Saturday, September 17, 2011


I know it's been awhile but you know major surgery brings you down for awhile. I am very pleased to report the surgery was a success. My doctor informed me that the endometriosis had grown around my bowels and was pulling them up to my uterus. No wonder it was so painful this time. The removal of that and all of my reproductive system went very smoothly.

I have to say thank you to two of my dear friends. Devin and Stacy were at the hospital with us at 6am. They walked around with me, Rick and Mom and I am so thankful for them. They helped us all keep smiling and laughing and prayed with us. My life is truly blessed.

I was out of the recovery room and into my own room by noon that day. Where I then began a miserable night. It took about 3 hours for the nurse to figure out that when I was asking for more pain medication, I was in PAIN! Then they were giving me Daladid by IV when I should have received it by mouth. This induced lots and lots of vomiting. Just for your reference when you have 5, yes 5, incisions in your belly vomiting SUCKS! At some point when I was asking for something for the nausea, while vomiting, the nurse asked if I was nauseous. Needless to say, I was not impressed.

At 6am the next morning the nurse finally told me when I refused the drugs by IV and demanded something else, I could have the pill. BINGO, that worked. They took out my catheter so I could get up and move around and start getting ready to go home. It still took about 3 hours to be able to go pee, very important this lets you go home. Sadly still took until around noon to release me, I was so frustrated. All I wanted to do was get home and be in my own bed. I was home in bed by 1pm and taking a nap. It was the first real sleep I had had all day. 

Thankfully I was truly blessed with some wonderful friends. So many people came with meals for our family, it was so wonderful. Rick truly appreciated it so much. The food was all amazing and made the time at home so much easier. It also allowed Rick to take care of me and not worry about getting dinners done that first week. Especially since I was not moving well at all.

Thank you!!!
Kathy and Larry
Lauren and Renae
Jennifer and Dan
Robin and Rhonda
Devin and Stacy
Russell and Shirley

I did not get to return to work as I had hoped last Monday. I had had an emotional weekend (will blog about later) and moved around too much. It appeared that a suture or a couple of sutures pulled open a little. These are actually internal, my incisions are held together with super glue. This caused some pain and other side effects. I have spent all week except for Thursday in bed this week.

Thursday, another day full emotions....
Charles Thomas Blackwelder Sr. 80, of Lake Butler passed away peacefully at his home after an extended illness. Charlie was born Gainesville, where he lived most of his life there and in Lake Butler. He was the son of the late James M. Blackwelder and Laura Rogers Blackwelder. He was in the Auto- Radiator Business in Gainesville for many years and he dealt in real estatein Gainesville also. He is a member of the Danville Church of Christ in Lake Butler. ; He was preceded in death by his loving children Gayle and Chuck Blackwelder, 4 Brothers: James M. Jr.; J. L. ; Alvin ; and Gene Blackwelder.

He is survived by his loving wife of 58 years; Frances S. Blackwelder . 2 Sisters: Naomi Smith of Greensboro, N. C and Ruth Taliaferro of Hampton. Several Nieces and nephews.

Funeral service will be held Thursday morning at 11:00 A.M. in the Chapel of Archer Funeral Home of Lake Butler. With Bro. John Davis; Bro. Kenneth Parrish and Bro. Derek Long officiating. Burial will follow in Elzey Chapel Cemetery under the care of Archer Funeral Home of Lake Butler. Family will receive friends Wednesday night from 5 to 7 at the funeral home.

Charlie Blackwelder, there are no words to truly describe what a wonderful man he was. He was a true warrior for Christ. Unlike any other I have met in my short lifetime. I was blessed to have known him for the past 11 years. Rick has been blessed to know him his entire life, and my mother in law the same. Whatever your issue spiritual, marital, financial, etc, Charlie would have the answer. His answers always came from the Bible and the Lord. I am grateful to have known him. Those of you reading this who do not, please keep his beloved wife Frances in your prayers. She needs all of us to lift her in our prayers. Knowing Charlie he never wanted to go before Frances. I can say that has been the saddest part of this week. Yes, Charlie is gone and we will no longer be able to chat with him, talk football or fishing. Yes, Charlie let God be his guide in life, he was a Christian. Because of this I can rejoice in his death, what a joy to know he has a better home a mansion!

Thank you all for your prayers for me! Please keep them coming, I still need them too. I am still not 100% and still have some other issues to work through all the way. I appreciate all of you so much!