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Monday, June 27, 2011

14 years ago we said "I do"

We met in May of 1995 at K-Mart in Anchorage, Alaska. Rick called in sick to work one day to take me out on a date. That first date was all it took. I keep the card he sent me a couple of days later above my bed.

To the most beautiful lady in the world. I'm thinking this could be Love. What do you think? Rick

The most romantic card ever...

Our lives through the years

One of our engagement pictures...

Night out with friends before we were married...

Our wedding day June 28th, 1997

Glacier cruise on our 1st Anniversary...

Our first Family Photo
March 2000

Work Christmas party... He is so goofy...

Family photo days...

Christmas 2005

Family Christmas Card photo 

Another Christmas Dinner with my CAMPUS family...

Us at Brooke's wedding.. 

It has been years of ups, downs, ins, outs and upside downs. I am thankfully for all of these years. I am blessed to have had this life with him. We were blessed 3 years into our marriage with our beautiful, amazing son Ricky. We have been truly blessed by God in our marriage. Thank you Lord!


  1. It is so amazing to see just how much Ricky looks like Rick! Especially in those first 3 photos. Ricky stands and smiles for pictures JUST like that. He's his daddy's son, that's for sure!

    Congrats on 14 years!! May the Lord bless you both with many more!

  2. Happy Anniversary to a GREAT couple. I think it is so awesome that we were married just a week apart. Congratulations on 14 years ... isn't it sad that nowadays 14 years is a huge milestone!! Through the ups and downs, the good and the bad you all remembered your vow to God AND to each other and that speaks volumes for BOTH of you!! Thank you for sharing the pictures of you all over the years!! Praying that the Lord blesses you BOTH with MANY more years in His service!!

    Love you!!

  3. HAPPY 14!!! Your an awesome sister, so glad to have you in our family! Love you Sis!!! Congrats to you and Rickus!